Why Okavango Delta? What is Our Goal? Hint: To Save Water for Future Generations


Our site is called Okavango Delta after a beautiful area in Botswana. Once in a year, this drought area is filled with water and all wildlife around goes to his exact place to drink water. They bypass hundreds of miles just for that. Have a look at documentary here:

Okavango Delta is a symbol of what our world can become if we don’t change our approach to water consumption.

Did you know that only 1% of world water is available for humans to consume? I mean, fresh water, which is only 3% of all water.

This resource, that we think we have a plenty of, is actually very limited. Nonetheless, many countries consume it very unconsciously. One of the reasons for that is non-effective industry that requires lot of water. Another reason – it’s actually very cheap.

We think that it’s extremely important to educate people from 3rd world on how to consume water properly.

Why and how to save water? Look at the chart below: